Banque Raiffeisen Donation 2018

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Banque Raiffeisen Donation 2018

Banque Raiffeisen Donation 2018

On 28th May, PLS was awarded 5000€ by the Raiffeisen Bank Luxembourg.

The Banque Raiffeisen regularly gives donations to local organisations and NGOs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. On 28th May 2018, the bank generously donated 5000€ to PLS.

This money went towards the Gerona North Central Elementary School SPED (special education) Center, a school that provides special education, protects and promotes the welfare of all learners who are unprivileged due to a disability. The donation covered the costs of the school’s new Model House. A part of the learning center was converted into a model house with a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The aim of this project is to equip these children with the skills and familiarise them with the ambiance of their home, resulting in their empowerment and independence.

A huge thank you to the Banque Raiffeisen!


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