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Busuanga Day Care Center

During a trip of five PLS committee members to Busuanga, Palawan, they met the teacher of the Busuanga Day Care Center. Mrs Rea expressed her worries of not being able to offer quality education to the children due to the poor infrastructure of the school.

The day care center was destroyed when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013. The local and municipal government donated a new building, however the construction was never fully completed. This left the school with no proper access to water and non-functioning toilets. The windows are not secured and there is no entrance gate. Due to this, people have broken into the school on multiple occasions, stealing school material and equipment.

The water pipe that passes by the school gives water only once a week. When the pipes are turned on, the day care center tries to collect as much water as possible in buckets and tanks for them to last until the following week. Unfortunately, these water supplies are also regularly stolen.

Inside the building, a toilet was built but does not work. The children use old benches and broken chairs and share the little school material they have.

Every Friday, the school offers a feeding program for the children and the local community. Food is prepared by the mothers of the children with the help of a small sum giving by the local social welfare association. The food is prepared in a small makeshift kitchen over an open fire behind the school, dangerous for the children running around behind the building.

PLS decided to help the Busuanga Day Care Center with the support of Danny Capacete, a PLS volunteer in the Philippines. A few weeks ago, the construction of the new kitchen, with a secured water tank, and toilets started. The windows and a secure entrance gate will be installed. The inside of the school will be refurnished and with the help of our PLS members, we hope to donate the necessary school material to the day care center. The project is to be completed within the next few months.

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